Flying Narwhal Baked Goods is a micro business based in Toronto, Ontario. All of our treats are made with love, care, and passion. We believe in offering delicious and affordable baked goods that everyone can enjoy.

About Profile

Jennifer Nguyen,
Chief Baking Officer and Owner

Jennifer loves to bake. Her obsession for baking began almost 10 years ago in her hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. Her baking landed her an invitation to audition for CBC's The Great Canadian Baking Show in 2017. Alas, she was not selected to be on the show but she continued to bake and was often asked when her future bakery would open. Flying Narwhal Baked Goods is a passion project that was made possible with lots of help from her supportive partner, Justin, talented friend and photographer, Manny, and gal pal graphic designer, Arina.

When she isn’t baking or working full time at her day job, Jennifer can be found exploring the streets of Toronto, shopping for new house plants, or snuggling with her cat named Goose. She is currently trying to master the perfect loaf of sourdough bread.

Arina Sin,
Graphic Designer

Like every 90s kid, Arina dabbled into Microsoft Paint and Adobe Suite to customize livejournal/myspace/tumblr pages and make wallpapers/icons etc. This interest flourished while living in Japan and seeing how far they took design. After interning at a small, French ad agency for graphic work while in Ivory Coast, she returned to Canada where she currently studies in the Design Essentials Program by Emily Carr University/BCIT. Arina hopes to eventually earn a degree in Communication Design.

While interested in many spheres of design, she particularly likes print, editorial, small publications, branding, and creative direction. Email her at for any inquiries.